How Drones Assist With Inspections

March 19, 2021

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A drone assistant can be helpful to an experienced engineer conducting an inspection in many different scenarios. Discover more about how drones assist with inspections.

Fire Inspections

When fires happen, the damage is unpredictable. Fires can destroy entire facilities and areas, or they can leave just a little destruction behind. It depends on the fire, the environment, and the location. When a facility needs a fire investigation inspection, drones can help by assessing the damage and inspecting burned-out roofs. This is an area that would be dangerous for engineers to inspect without the help of a drone.

Pipeline Inspections

Pipelines often cover hundreds of miles. Drones help speed up the inspection process and provide engineers with more information and data to go on when deducting the best plan for the structure. Drones even help to identify areas of risk, corroded sections, and provide engineers with tons of helpful information to ensure the structure is treated and assessed properly.

Chemical Hotspots

In chemical plants there are often concerns about hotspots or other dangers. Drones can safely navigate the plant to identify these, which keeps the engineer and faculty safe while quickly and accurately determining the areas that need to be fixed and the extent of the damage.

Lightning Damage

Lightning damage is a threat to cellphone towers. It should be identified quickly for the safest and swiftest fix possible. Monitoring cellphone towers recently struck by lightning isn’t a safe activity. The engineers locate and identify damage, assisted by the drones. When used by professionals in conjunction with trained engineers, drones allow for safer and more efficient inspections.

With drones, our engineers at Dreiym Engineering can conduct lower-cost and more efficient inspections for clients so facilities can be evaluated in real time. Contact us today for more information on our drone inspection services with fire investigation, cp survey, or our other services.

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