The Importance of Short Circuit Analysis in Engineering

October 18, 2022

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When designing or updating a facility, it’s essential that you study your power distribution equipment and inspect for any performance shortcomings. Mainly, you want to ensure that your risk for arch flashes and short-circuiting is limited. Read on to learn more about the importance of short circuit analysis in engineering.

What Is a Short Circuit Analysis?

In order to verify that your short circuit interrupting equipment is in accordance with ANSI and IEC codes, a professional engineer must conduct analysis on every device that is part of your electrical distribution system. They will test the connection point in an electrical distribution system to ensure the ratings of breakers and fuses are greater than their short circuit duties. Or, to put it more simply, they will ensure that protective devices can effectively establish suitable interrupting ratings.

If not, your electronics are at risk of malfunctioning, increasing the chance of short-circuiting or ground faulting. These equipment issues can cause significant damage to your business and even injure other people. Short circuit analysis is recommended at least every five to six years or more often when problems persist.

The Importance of Short Circuit Analysis

So why exactly is short circuit analysis essential for engineering? For one, the analysis itself provides valuable information concerning protective devices in your power distribution system, such as tripping characteristics and interrupting ratings. This data allows experts to safely and successfully engineer complex power distribution systems, including variable speed drives, switchboards, panel boards, load centers, and bus transfer switches.

Additionally, short circuit analysis delivers specific data that assists in an arc flash study. Arc flashes are electrical explosions and a unique type of workplace hazard in engineering environments. They’re also one of the more dangerous threats to workers, making the importance of regular arc flash studies (which require short circuit analysis beforehand) invaluable. Ultimately, short circuit analysis protects hardware and personnel alike.

How Dreiym Engineering Can Help

A short circuit analysis typically occurs during the design process of your facility and is often conducted by an electrical engineering consulting firm. We at Dreiym proudly provide that service and additional studies as your facility ages and changes throughout the years. Our team will aim to help you reduce your liability for workplace accidents, limit facility downtime, boost facility recovery time, and mitigate potential damage following a system failure.

Understanding the importance of short circuit analysis in engineering ensures you take the proper steps to protect your facility and employees from arch flashes and other hazards. Contact our team today for additional information regarding our analysis services and see what we can do for you!

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