The Importance of Close Interval Surveys

September 2, 2021

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Close Interval Surveys (CIS) are just one kind of investment that companies can make to promote the integrity and safety of their pipeline systems. Some industries, such as industrial or gas and oil, require routine CIS to ensure company infrastructures uphold safety standards. Dreiym Engineering looks at the importance of close interval surveys.

What Is a Close Interval Survey?

With time and corrosive elements, cathodic protection systems tend to wear down. Corrosion professionals utilize CIS to inspect the effectiveness of existing cathodic protection (CP) systems for businesses everywhere.

Three Main Types of Close Interval Survey

Experts use three different main types of CIS to determine a CP system’s effectiveness. We explain the three different types below.

Potential difference refers to the difference in voltage measurements between buried pipes and surrounding soil.

  • On/off potential survey: This type of CIS assesses the potential difference between the pipe and ground surface while CP switches on and off. On/off potential surveys often identify discrepancies in the CP coating.
  • Depolarized potential survey: The potential difference between pipes and ground surface is determined when the pipe-to-soil potential stabilizes after cathodic protection switches off. Surveyors reflect on polarization decay to decide on CP value.
  • On potential survey: Experts assess the potential difference as the CP is in its normal operating mode. This type of CIS is essential to pipeline infrastructures that can’t experience interrupted CP.

Why Are Close Interval Surveys Important to Business?

Gauging CP system efficacy determines whether a company needs to take any additional measures to promote the integrity of its pipelines. CIS detects defects in pipeline infrastructures so that companies can react with CP reinforcements or other protective coating methods.

Overlooking the importance of close interval surveys can lead to pipeline explosions or hazardous leaks. These occurrences are extremely detrimental to staff and infrastructure. They could land you in serious legal and financial trouble, too, as pipeline eruption is often a telltale sign of managerial neglect.

Who Can Perform Close Interval Surveys?

Contract with Dreiym Engineering for thorough CP surveys. Our team of cathodic protection contractors has vast expertise on effective solutions when it comes to combatting corrosive elements. We offer our comprehensive cathodic protection surveys in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, and North Dakota. Contact us today to safeguard your infrastructure from corrosion.

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