Tips for Optimizing Your Walk-Down Inspection

April 3, 2023

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Invest in workplace safety from the ground up by having regular walk-down inspections performed at your site. The expertise of an electrical engineer can help you enhance safety in a variety of ways. Utilize Dreiym Engineering’s tips for optimizing your walk-down inspections to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Schedule Regular Inspections

Don’t wait until your building experiences electrical problems to schedule a construction structural engineer site inspection; walk-down inspections are more of a proactive approach. Every two to three years, schedule an inspection and put it on your calendar. Make sure everyone on site is aware of the inspection date.

Make Equipment Easy To Access

As you anticipate your site walk-down inspection, make the engineer’s job as easy as possible. They’re going to inspect your electrical equipment and test for facility issues like ground fault detection and variable frequency drive harmonics.

Ensure that your facility is clean and organized, with electrical outlets and fuse boxes unblocked and easy to access. Mop up any spills and keep obvious tripping hazards out of the way.

Compose a List of Questions

Are you scheduling a walk-down inspection solely as a preventative measure, or do you have concerns about your electrical system? If you suspect that your wiring is faulty or a piece of equipment isn’t working as intended, make a note to point out those concerns to the engineer. Their electrical expertise can help you optimize your site’s functionality and abide by OSHA regulations.

Be Prepared To Answer Their Questions

When the engineer arrives to perform their walk-down inspection, they will likely ask you some questions about your electrical system and equipment. They’ll want to know if you’ve had any electrical outages recently, or if any of your equipment tends to overheat. Be prepared to answer those questions accurately by familiarizing yourself with any recent electrical issues.

If you plan to enlist a structural engineer to perform a site walk-down inspection, use these tips to optimize the process. Know exactly why you’re having the inspection performed, and prepare to discuss specific electrical concerns with an expert from Dreiym Engineering.

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