Top Warning Signs Before an Electrical Fire

March 20, 2020

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A large facility typically has many electrical aspects. From regular electrical work to heavy machinery and equipment, electricity functions in many spaces in a building. Many times, the electrical fires that happen in buildings are preventable—the signs simply were not noticed in time. There are Some subtle signs may warn if your building is in danger of an electrical fire. It’s important to notice and address these looming issues before a catastrophe happens. Check out the top warning signs before an electrical fire so that you can be informed and better protect your building and the people in it.

The circuit breaker trips often

The circuit breaker or breakers in your building are meant to prevent circuits from overheating. This is solely to prevent electrical fires. If the circuit breaker trips more than occasionally, it’s communicating to you that a looming problem must be addressed. It could mean that your machines and other elements of the facility are using more electricity than the wiring can handle, that there’s a short circuit or issue in the circuit wiring, or that the circuit breaker is no longer functioning properly. No matter the reason, get a certified electrician in to identify and fix the issue quickly.

Outdated wiring

If your building is 50 years or older and the wiring hasn’t been updated in that period, chances are the wiring is too old to keep up with modern electrical demands. Wiring installed in buildings over 50 years ago didn’t account for the high electrical usage required in buildings and businesses today. Updating your wiring could save your facility from a tragedy. Contact electrical consulting engineers for a full survey of your facility, its warning signs and dangers, and a plan to address and solve these lurking issues to protect your building from an electrical fire.

Outlet issues

A bit more attention to detail is required to notice outlet issues than other warning signs, but they’re easily fixed. Outlets that are hot to the touch or that appear to be burnt are not functioning properly. Light switches, outlets, and electrical panels should not be warm or hot to the touch. They should also not make noise or spark. If an outlet in your building is making a buzzing noise, it needs professional work to correct the issue and prevent a fire.

Keep an eye out for these warning signs within your facility. Identifying these signs can help you address and solve issues before they result in an electrical fire, saving your building and the people in it a lot of damage. Consult Dreiym Engineering for a quote on your facility.

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