What Is NACE in Electrical Engineering and What Does It Do?

January 31, 2023

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Preventing corrosion in your facility and electrical equipment is essential. You need trained professionals to solve these problems safely and efficiently – specifically corrosion engineers. It’s recommended that you find individuals certified by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers, one of the highest honors within the industry. But what is the NACE, and what does it do regarding electrical engineering?

The National Association of Corrosion

The NACE is a global leader in developing and creating various corrosion control systems, solutions, and standards. Their main function as an association is to protect public safety and the environment, all while limiting corrosion and its subsequent ecological impacts. Surprisingly, NACE was established all the way back in 1943! To this day, engineers who complete NACE training and receive certification are considered highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals. Mainly, they are proficient in public health, environmental protection, and corrosion prevention standards.

Importance of NACE-Certified Engineers

So, why exactly are NACE-certified engineers preferred for corrosion prevention situations? First, it’s important to understand the potential dangers of corrosive electronic equipment. Corrosion occurs when a material oxidizes (rusts). Rusted components inside electronic equipment are more likely to malfunction, lose power, and/or overheat (increasing the risk of electrical fire). Furthermore, servicing corroded electrical devices is a dangerous and sometimes deadly process. As such, you want an authority regarding all things corrosion. NACE-certified individuals possess helpful knowledge and skills that ensure more successful corrosion prevention services.

Services Conducted by NACE-Certified Engineers

What can a NACE-certified engineer do for your business? Ultimately, these professionals provide many different types of electrical engineering consultations and services that protect electrical infrastructure. Among these, many responsibilities include cathodic protection testing and power design services. Basically, any task concerning the condition of your electrical infrastructure demands the expertise of a NACE-certified individual.

By understanding what NACE is in relation to electrical engineering and what it does, you can hire more suitable professionals for your corrosion prevention and electrical infrastructure needs! We at Dreiym Engineering feature a team of talented and certified individuals who are eager and capable of helping your business.

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