Preventative Measures To Take Against Arc Flash

November 18, 2021

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Electrical systems present the risk of arc flashes. Arc flashes are explosions that occur when an electrical current strays from its intended path and travels through the air from one conductor to the next. When there isn’t enough insulation between conductors to hold the voltage of the current, the energy escapes in the form of a powerful blast that sends hot shrapnel soaring through the air.

Arc blasts are dangerous to both people and structures. They can cause fires, property damage, catastrophic injuries, and more. Fortunately, you can prevent these events. Here are four preventative measures to take against arc flash to keep your facility safe.

Install Remote Software

One way to prevent arc flash and keep your employees safe is to install remote monitoring, control, and diagnostic software so you can watch over your electrical systems from afar.

With control software, you can perform most tasks remotely or from a safe distance. Monitoring software gives you a heads up in case something goes wrong, leaving just enough time for workers to move away from a hazard. Diagnostic software informs you of what exactly went wrong so you can prevent incidents of a similar nature in the future.

Use Arc-Resistant Equipment

Arc-resistant equipment can keep your employees and facility safe in the event of an arc flash. Arc-resistant equipment traps electrical energy and sends it outside of a building via ducts and vents. While it doesn’t necessarily stop an arc flash from happening, it does prevent most of the damage associated with arc flashes.

Label Your Equipment

This is a quick and simple preventative measure to take against arc flash. By labeling any devices that could potentially cause an arc flash, like panelboards, switchboards, and transformers, you’re telling your employees where hazards exist.

Most arc flashes are the result of human error. When employees know that a device is potentially hazardous, they tend to be more alert around it, which can prevent mistakes that could lead to an arc flash.

Get an Arc Flash Study

An arc flash analysis is one of the best preventative measures you can take. During an arc flash analysis, a group of professional electrical engineers will examine your electrical system and look for any problems that could cause an arc flash. Once finished, they’ll present you with their findings and offer recommendations to make your system safer.

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