Arc Flash Labels: Are They Required and Where?

July 19, 2021

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The more preventative measures a company takes, the safer that its employees and assets are. With such a high demand for electricity, buildings typically utilize Arc Flash Labels to help identify electrical hazards. Without these indicators, your company is highly vulnerable to electric overloads, device damage, and even explosions. To emphasize the importance of Arc Flash Labels, Dreiym Engineering covers whether they are required, and where. Employ the following information to optimize the safety of your staff and building.

The NFPA, OSHA, and Arc Flash Labels

Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s regulation 29 CFR 1910.333(a) lists electrical safety standards for companies to follow to maintain the safety of employees and infrastructure. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) offers guidance to assist corporations in complying with these standards with their NFPA 70E standard.

Requirements for Your Facility Outlined Within NFPA 70E

The NFPA outlines a handful of different responsibilities that businesses must follow to remain in good standing with OSHA requirements. Below, we’ve listed the primary responsibilities.

  • Employee training
  • Employee access to PPE
  • Insulated equipment
  • Written safety programs
  • Arc flash hazard degree calculations
  • Accurate and essential labels on equipment

Who Is Responsible for Arc Flash Labels?

This may come as a surprise, but manufacturers are not responsible for Arc Flash Labels on their equipment—you are. Employers are responsible for ensuring that all of their building’s electrical equipment is properly labeled.

Employees, of course, are responsible for abiding by this labeling and following safe work practices as trained by employer. Next, we’ll answer the latter half of the question, “Are Arc Flash Labels required, and where?”

Examples of Where Arc Flash Labels Are Necessary

Essentially, you should label any device that has the potential to create an arc flash accident. We’ve noted a few examples of equipment that companies commonly label for their best interest.

  • Panelboards
  • Switchboards
  • Motor control centers
  • Transformers
  • Industrial control panels

How Do I Acquire Arc Flash Labels?

Dreiym Engineering offers rigorous arc flash assessments to determine safe electrical loads for your company’s devices. During our initial on-site meeting, we’ll provide you with a free arc flash quote for your building.

Once our analysis is complete, you’ll receive Arc Flash Labels for each piece of equipment that requires a risk acknowledgment. Prioritize the safety of your employees and infrastructure by contacting Dreiym Engineering today.

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