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September 20, 2021

Information That Should Be On an Arc Flash Study Report

To ensure the electrical safety of their workplaces, companies will invest in arc flash analyses. Arc flash analyses assess the conditions of an electrical system to determine a company’s risk of an arc blast, which is essentially a huge blast of energy. Without receiving an arc flash analysis, businesses become much more susceptible to seeing employee injuries, infrastructure issues, and reputation damages.

If your business is about to invest in its first arc flash analysis, you may wonder what to expect. Once arc flash consultants evaluate your electrical system, they’ll provide you with an arc flash study report. Dreiym Engineering uncovers what to expect during an arc flash analysis, along with the information that should be on an arc flash study report.

Different Aspects of an Arc Flash Analysis

Arc flash consultants will perform a thorough assessment of your company’s electrical system. To ensure they can provide all the information that should be on an arc flash study report, they’ll carry out the following actions around your corporation’s site:

  • Assemble existing layouts of electrical systems on the site.
  • Verify your company’s layout documents with the help of arc flash analysis software.
  • Gather all your equipment piece’s specifications, such as size, model, type, manufacturer, etc.
  • Create arc flash labels to prompt safe electrical equipment operations.

Information Included in an Arc Flash Study Report

As you may infer, each step to create an arc flash study results in valuable information for arc flash consulting teams. Once arc flash consultants complete their study, they’ll make a comprehensive report to return to their client. This report will include the following information:

  • A complete description of the study’s results as well as the methodology they used
  • A breakdown of short-circuit equipment that your company utilizes beyond its ratings and alternatives for the equipment or operations
  • A list of any equipment that has considerable arc flash hazards
  • Details on a worst-case-scenario energy blast per a hazardous electrical system’s modes of power
  • Information regarding the software used to perform the arc flash study

Finding Arc Flash Consultants for Your Company

To schedule your arc flash analysis, contact Dreiym Engineering. We’re a premier arc flash study company that strives to provide corporations with the resources they need to protect their staff and infrastructure. Reach out today to receive your free arc flash quote and move one step closer to creating an environment safe from electrical blasts.

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